Bridging the Gap in Children’s Services

Eligibility and Support Specialist, Lori Nemec.

Eligibility and Support Specialist, Lori Nemec.

At Summit DD, we constantly strive to meet the needs of everyone we serve. In recent months, Children’s Services staff noticed a critical need for families as they completed the Early Intervention (EI) program. From birth to age three, the EI program provides essential support to children and their families. Summit DD developmental specialists assist each family in all aspects of their daily lives. However, the EI process ends when the child turns three, leaving families to navigate the system with little support.

“Parents accessing services from Summit DD should never have to feel unsure about where to turn,” stated Director of Children’s Services, Holly Brugh. “During this transition, families need continued support. They also need assistance in re-determining their child’s Board eligibility,” remarked Brugh.

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